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Community Health Assessments

Community health assessments are conducted to determine the state of health and well-being in Wood County, identify needs and develop recommendations to address identified health needs. The 2021 Community Health Assessment is linked below, along with video highlights of key sections.

2021 Wood County Community Health Assessment

2021 Wood County Community Health Assessment – Methodology

2021 Wood County Community Health Assessment – Adult Data

2021 Wood County Community Health Assessment – Youth Data

2021 Wood County Community Health Assessment – Child Data

If you would like to share feedback or questions on these assessments, please do so using the following link:

Community Health Improvement Plan

The findings in the Community Health Assessment are used to create a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). To develop the CHIP, representatives from a broad array of organizations across the county work together to identify actions the community can take to address key health issues residents are facing and work toward building a healthier community. The CHIP defines the priorities and outline actions the Health Department and other community partners will take over the next three years to improve the health of people in Wood County. The 2022-2024 CHIP will be posted on this page when it is completed later this year.


Nutrition and Physical Activity Health Assessment

Performance Management

The Health Department is continually monitoring and striving to improve its services and programs. Below are documents with links to some of our goals and the progress we are making on them. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Tina Cox or Health Commissioner Ben Robison via email.


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