Women’s Health

We offer all recommended preventative health screenings including breast and cervical cancer screenings. Some appointments are available through telehealth. We also offer confidential STD testing, pregnancy tests and you can leave with many forms of birth control that day from our onsite pharmacy.

Peace of Mind
Are you concerned that you might have an STD or could possibly be pregnant? Have you missed your annual exam or are experiencing
unusual symptoms? Are you ready to start a family but have questions about fertility? Come to us for peace of mind, we are here for you.

Birth Control
Do you know about all of the types of birth control that are available? Some examples include the pill, the ring, the shot, condoms and
other forms of long-acting reversible contraception. Our providers can go over all of them with you and you can leave with most types
that day from our office.

Affordably Provided
All of our services are offered on a sliding fee scale based on household size and income. We also accept all forms of Medicaid, most
private insurances and the uninsured. Our pharmacy also offers specialty pricing to our patients.

We Welcome Everyone
All races and ethnicities, all religions, all countries of origin, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all abilities and disabilities, all
spoken languages and all ages. 

Women: Stay Healthy at Any Age

  • Get the confidential screenings you need, such as breast and cervical cancer, STD’s including chlamydia and gonorrhea and pregnancy. Some tests are done in the comprehensive in-house laboratory with results available during your visit.
  • Get preventive medicines if you need them and leave with most forms of birth control that day from our onsite pharmacy
  • Take steps to good overall health. Behavioral health is integrated into a patient’s routine primary care to help with issues like depression and anxiety. We are here for you.