Keeping your mouth healthy

There are three important steps to achieving a healthy mouth. Brushing, flossing and
rinsing should be done daily. Brush your teeth at least twice a day to remove plaque.
Plaque is a sticky film that coats your teeth and contains bacteria that can cause gum
disease and cavities. Don’t forget to brush your tongue!
Flossing should be done at least once a day. It helps remove plaque and food from
between your teeth. Ask your hygienist about the proper technique.
Rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash with fluoride twice a day. Antibacterial
mouthwash helps remove leftover plaque and bacteria and helps freshen breath.
Fluoride is a natural mineral that keeps teeth strong and prevents cavities.
Your diet has a huge impact on the health of your mouth. It is important to eat plenty of
dairy, fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary, starchy foods. Make sure to drink plenty
of water and avoid soda and juice as much as possible.
You should visit your dentist and hygienist every six months. Early detection is
important. Problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. Gum disease has
been linked to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Healthy food and drink
choices, daily fluoride and regular checkups will prevent problems from starting.