Wellness Counseling Program

We are committed to providing you a well-rounded health care experience. As part of that, our pharmacist coordinates with the rest of your health care team to ensure we are meeting your needs. Our pharmacist works with patients to develop an individualized medication plan. Some of the topics covered in Wellness Counseling include medication management, smoking cessation, nutrition guidance and immunizations.

We help people with chronic diseases learn how to manage their condition to improve quality of life and reduce their health care costs. We assist people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and COPD. Everyone is eligible for wellness counseling.

We provide medication affordability consultation including determining what insurance covers, what manufacturer patient assistance programs might be eligible and figuring out what the patient’s best options are.

Wellness Counseling is integrated into a patient’s routine primary care, however, appointments with the Wellness Coach can be made upon request or by recommendation by a Provider.