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Wood County Health Department has a new package of logos and informational materials to visually represent the agency, which has also replaced “district” in its name.

The agency’s vibrant new logo includes shades of blue and green in a shape that reflects unity, and the sense that each of the health department’s four main divisions represents one distinct piece of a whole. In addition to a new health department logo, there is a separate image for each of the four main divisions: Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Preparedness, the Community Health Center and the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

The name Wood County Health District was created about 10 years ago to better represent the health department’s service territory, which includes all of Wood County. Despite that change, most people continued to refer to the more commonly used “health department.”

“We’ve been known as the health department for so long that the term ‘district’ never really caught on. A lot of people continued to refer to us as the health department, which created some confusion that we would like to get away from,” said Ben Batey, Wood County Health Commissioner.

Beginning last fall, the health department worked with students from Bowling Green State University’s Graphic Design program, who generated ideas and provided valuable artistic contributions. One of the students, Zach Nelson, joined the health department as an intern this spring to refine and implement the new logos. Additional tweaks and changes are likely over the next several weeks. The health department’s brand realignment also shortened the name of the Community Health Center to better reflect industry standards.

“All of our patients will continue to receive the same great primary care and other services that we offer, just under a logo that represents how Wood County Community Health Center is one part of the services offered by our local health department,” said Diane Krill, CEO of the health center.